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  • Ruxyn Tang

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Member since June 2010
    From YouthSays to SAYS to 8Share, much changes have been made but there are two fundamentals that have never changed - the focus is still on making the community happy and they are listening to us; rewards continue to come in, whether in monetary form or even in the form of prizes such as concert and movie tickets. I'm thankful I have this chance to share cool stuffs and make a pretty good amount of side income for myself through 8Share.
  • Joshua Andrew

    Penang, Malaysia
    Member since September 2013
    8Share is the best platform for students to earn money as their side income. Since I'm still a student, I manage to balance my daily expenses as I'm casually using 8Share. When I'm on my browser, I'll open my GMail and then 8share. I'll share all the new Specials as it takes only a few minutes to do so. I also downloaded 8Share Android app on my phone. It makes sharing much easier whenever I'm not on my laptop. I feel happy and blessed to be one of a member in this community. Thanks 8Share!
  • Kanisah Bah Kajang

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Member since December 2013
    Tanpa sebarang usaha memang susah nak menjana pendapatan sampingan, jadi apa kata kita jana pendapatan dengan 8Share. Dengan hanya sedikit usaha sahaja, tak guna membazir masa duduk di depan komputer, laptop, tab, iPad & telefon tanpa mendapatkan side income. Jom daftar 8Share!!
  • Hani Suraya Md Zain

    Johore, Malaysia
    Member since September 2013
    Inilah pencarian duit sampingan yang paling best saya pernah buat. Buat pertama kalinya saya dah cash out sebanyak RM60 setelah berhempas pulas share semua Specials yang ada. Contest dari 8Share pun saya dah pernah menang. Saya suka 8Share dan akan sentiasa share Specials yang ada. Marilah join, pasti tak rugi. RM60 pon duit juga, boleh buat isi minyak kereta & top up juga. 8Share best!
  • Rozuan Ismail

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Member since October 2010
    Alhamdulillah, kali ini dapat rezeki yang akan diberikan oleh 8Share. Bagi sesiapa yang belum tahu, 8Share adalah nama baru untuk SAYS. Lepaslah nak bayar bil broadband Maxis ni. Setakat ini saya cuba maintain untuk dapatkan pendapatan daripada 8Share setiap bulan.


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